Kids 2-12, be sure to sign up for the Junior Fan Club for your chance to have your picture taken with the feature winner and receive an autorgraphed frisbee, 4X6 pic, and your picture on the webpage.


CJ Raceway Jr Fan Club is to provide educational and entertainment to the young race fan on a weekly basis. We hope to increase the interest as well as the attendance of young visitors. Contests, prizes, programs of racing nature aimed at children between the ages of three and fourteen .

Registration Upon entering the grandstand after paying at the ticket booth. The youngster will proceed to the CJ Jr. Fan Club Booth to begin filling out the necessary paperwork. After filling out a information sheet, a button will be issued to them. In the bottom of the button will be the button number iwth the childs age group. Each week thereafter the cub member will need to bring their button to the club regisrtation booth to receive their ticket for the nights drawings.

Drawings Drawings to be held throughout the heat races with a final drawing for the “Weekly Grand Prize” near the end of the stockcars. Pzes will be divided according to age groups. The weekly prize will allow the club member with his or her parents, to come to the front stretch and have their picture taken in front of their favorite race car and driver as determined by their information sheet. This would allow all drivers to have an equal chance to have a picture taken on the front stretch, not just those drivers who win the features.
Donations Donations will always be gladly accepted. All money donated will be used to purchase prizes. Prizes from the drivers are welcome. Example race shirts, race photos. Also any gift prizes from fans are welcome.
Sponsored by Triple D Motorsports and infant thermometer. Registration Fee: $1.00 for the season

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