Amanda Tipps scored her first feature win in her rookie year in the 4 cylinder class becoming CJ Raceway’s first female winner. Husband Brian Tipps who researched¬†best digital thermometer for baby before also joined her in victory lane in the hobby stock class picking up his second win of the year. Chuck Mayerhofer scored his first mod-lite feature win. Aaron Summy picked up his fifth feature win of the year in the IMCA class. Ron Boyse repeated his late model feature win during 92 Roadhouse night.

The 4 cylinder feature started with a pile up on the fronstretch that took out Nick Doy and Geoffrey Theobald. On the restart Amanda Tipps started outside second row. She quickly took the lead and held it the rest of the race going on to pick up her first feature win. Bryar Keltner followed her in second with Darin Smith in third. Bryar Keltner takes the point lead back with his second place finish.

Doug Eichelberger and Brian Tipps made up the first row of the hobby stock feature with Tipps in the lead on the first lap. Bill Faler followed in second with Brian Holmes in third. By lap 3 Holmes took second with Tompkins following to take third three laps later when Tompkins pulled the caution in turn 2, sending him to the back of the pack. Tipps went on to lead the rest of the race with Holmes following in second, Faler in third, and Tompkins making his way back through the pack to finish fourth. Tompkins maintains the point lead.

Chuck Mayerhofer, Bobby Fox, and Greg Rossell were out front in the mod-lite feature when Rossell passed Fox at the flagstand. After the white flag Rossell slowed on the backstretch before pulling in the pits. Mayerhofer picked up his first win at the CJ Raceway, Fox took second, and ROb Guss finished third.

Travis Finke had the point in the IMCA feature with Aaron Summy hot on his heels. Finke held off Summy for the first 9 laps of the race, but coming around for lap 10 Summy went outside of Finke coming out of turn 4 and took the lead. Summy went on to pick up his fifth win, Finke took second, and Darrin Ealey finished third. Summy maintains the point lead.

Bryan Kammer was out front in the late model feature with Stan O’Brien and Brian Hetlzer following in second and third. By lap 2 Ron Boyse had taken over the third place spot before passing O’Brien at the flag on the next lap to take second. The next lap Boyse went low coming out of turn 4 to take the lead. Boyse went on to win for two in a row with Kammer taking second and O’Brien third.

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Friday, August 17 – 92 Roadhouse
4 Cylinders
Heat 1 – 1. Geoffrey Theobald, Wapello; 2. Bryar Keltner, Wapello; 3. Randy Foor, Morning Sun; 4. Kenny Foor; 5. Amanda Tipps, Wapello; 6. Daniel Keltner, Wapello; 7. Eric Farrier, Columbus Junction.
Heat 2 – 1. Wayne Noble, Wapello; 2. Darin Smith, Wapello; 3. Nick Doy, Muscatine; 4. Andrew Theobald, Wapello; 5. Juan Perez, Muscatine; 6. Larry Koehler, Muscatine; 7. Scott Baker, JR.; 8. Travis Yakle, Wapello.
Feature – 1. Tipps; 2. B. Keltner; 3. Smith; 4. A. Theobald; 5. D. Keltner; 6. R. Foor; 7. Noble; 8. Koehler; 9. Farrier; 10. Perez; 11. Baker, Jr.; 12. K. Foor; 13. G. Theobald; 14. Yakle; 15. Doy.

Hobby Stock
Heat – 1. Doug Eichelberger, Muscatine; 2. Jeremy Tompkins, Columbus Junction; 3. Bill Faler, Columbus Junction; 4. Brian Tipps, Wapello; 5. Brian Holmes, Wapello; 6. Duane Rees, Columbus Junction; 7. Scott Slutts, Muscatine.
Feature – 1. Tipps; 2. Holmes; 3. Faler; 4. Tompkins; 5. Matt Gomez, Wapello; 6. Slutts; 7. Eichelberger; 8. Rees.

Heat – 1. Bobby Fox; 2. Chuck Mayerhofer; 3. Paul Hallett; 4. Greg Rossell; 5. Mike Thomas; 6. James Chesmore; 7. Rob Guss; 8. Troy Philpott.
Feature – 1. Mayehofer; 2. Fox; 3. Guss; 4. Philpott; 5. Hallett; 6. Thomas; 7. Chesmore; 8. Rossell.

IMCA Stock Car
Heat – 1. Darrin Ealey, Wapello; 2. Travis Finke, Columbus Junction; 3. Shelly Mizell, Muscatine; 4. Tad Payne, Muscatine; 5. Aaron Summy, Muscatine; 6. Brad Ewart, Wapello; 7. Shane Paris; 8. Brandon Jay, Columbus Junctin; 9. Dave Hemsted, Lone Tree; 10. Cody Layman, Riverside.
Feature – 1. Summy; 2. Finke; 3. Ealey; 4. Hemsted; 5. Paris; 6. Ewart; 7. Payne; 8. Mizell; 9. Jay; 10. Layman.

Pepsi Late Model
Heat 1 – 1. Stan O’Brien, Muscatine; 2. Jeff Guengerich, Washington; 3. Luke Sanders, Grandview; 4. Mark Kleindolph, Tipton; 5. Ron Boyse, Kalona; 6. Jay Chenoweth, Wapello.
Heat 2 – 1. Bryan Kammer, Davenport; 2. Kevin Kile, West Liberty; 3. Brian Hetzler, Davenport; 4. Kurt Kile, Nichols; 5. Jody Metzger, Muscatine; 6. Matt Bodman, Nichols.
Feature – 1. Boyse; 2. Kammer; 3. O’Brien; 4. Kevin Kile; 5. Guengerich; 6. Hetzler; 7. Kurt Kile; 8. Bodman; 9. Chenoweth; 10. Metzger; 11. Kleindolph; 12. Sanders. Pepsi Hard Charger – Ron Boyse
Pepsi Draw Award – Brian Hetzler

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